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Jpg You shake your head saying you have better things to do. You grab your keys and open the door. You see the dresser against the far wall and the dresser is empty. You hear a quiet click followed by a light tap. The light from the candle illuminates the dimly lit room. With your key in hand you head to the dresser. You find a black lace dress tucked in a red satin skirt and a black hat. The dress curves at the waist and a small bow is at the front. You smile and feel your heart beat. She lives in a tower where you dont go and nobody goes to see her. Shes got a castle and a kingdom and all the people are under her spell. For the first time in a long time you find yourself happy. If you could only tell The Red Queen, you would tell her who you think she is. Why do you wear black dresses. My name is Elizabeth and I wear red dresses. A red headed step daughter of Red Queen. You say Im not a step daughter, Im a daughter. So The Red Queen is just a man taking a lovers name and calling you his. I never realized it because you never spoke to me. Then you had me killed and when we met again, it was so weird.

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