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M just going to stay here for the night and check in with the inn keeper tomorrow. You say looking at what looks like a bucket of warm soup. Re about to lean over the table to grab the bucket, you hear a loud crash followed by a loud shout followed by a gunshot. You shout and scramble to put your back to the door. You look behind you and see a man with one arm in a sling, and a shotgun pointed directly at you. The man shouts and shoots you as you stand up. Blood pours down your front and runs down your chest. T help but notice the room is also pretty well furnished. Re lying on the concrete, bleeding all over yourself. Voices and you suddenly feel yourself being cuffed behind your back. You get out of the cot and see several guards milling around outside with rifles aimed at some distant building. All right you fucking freaks, we got an escaped murderer in the park, now who the fuck ARE you THINKING it is. S got some cuts on his face and one of his ears is missing. Ve seen so hurry up and give me the prisoner. He then shoves you to face the building and kicks you in your face with his boots. S stronger than you once he gets his hands on you. I guess I better behead you now because it looks like your bones will be telling the entire town where to find you.

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