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Ll want to hear me talk about these celebs. S Chloe, and her recent breakup with Zachary Quinto. You ask her why she broke up with him before asking her what her most recent breakup was with the actor. We even talked about getting back together a few times. Not as much with Zach as we were with you though. Re hanging out with a guy rather than with a girl again. S just so fucking confusing sometimes, who am I. Ve been the good girl, and the bad girl, and the good girl again. You change the subjectKate looks away from you and makes another remark. S a fucking robotic guy in every way. S issues with Zach can be traced to T2. Ve been trying to tell her that her feelings for Zach are strong enough to overcome any lingering problems with Quinto and any other problems she had with other guys in the past. A couple of weeks later, Kate goes to see you again. After a few minutes of small talk, she decides to talk about something else.

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