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You cant help but smile as your eyes travel to a few pictures of Jessica Alba, but the rest show your eyes on the ones with your face on them. You start to get the idea that maybe this was a mistake or you never fit in here. The funny thing is you never did, but now that you look at them, you realize you never wanted to anyway. You delete this dataYou cant even see this as being real anymore. You think about telling yourself and your brain shuts you down and you return to bed. You sleep for a bit until a few hours into the morning. A few hours passed and you were sure you were tired all the way home. You stopped at the grocery store and had a bite to eat and rested. The drive was long, but you werent going to stay out after dark or you might lose your way. Your sister Kelly is your most trusted friend so you didnt think it was a bad idea to tell her where you were going. She didnt seem to believe you as you always seemed to be heading for a different direction so she had a good laugh and kept on walking. You pulled into your driveway and you see your car there and you open it, but get out before you go inside. You dont need to spend time talking with her like you are doing now. You need to decide whats going to happen next in life. First you need to decide the best way you are going to deal with what just happened. Did you break up with her for real or was it all just a bad dream. There are a few choices that you could take. You need to decide if you want to go through with your plan to go fight the lawmen and if you are going to follow it up with. You decide to keep your plan to fight the lawmen. You need to keep a low profile and avoid your sisters eyes to go along with your plans to escape this place. You also decided to keep your plan to go fight the lawmen. You decide to get out of the car and you start walking away from the car. Then you notice your sister is getting closer to the car as well and you grab her hands. Please lets go back to our safe haven. Kelly is confused by your actions since you didnt even try to hug her. Im sorry for breaking up with you, I just wanted to stay close to you for you not getting yourself in too much trouble.

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