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AdvertisementsA former New York City man who admitted to raping and killing a jogger in Central Park in 1989 was executed early Friday morning in Florida. Edwin Dewayne Jones is scheduled to die in the death chamber at the Florida State Prison after the Florida Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the man he confessed to the crimes with, Marcia McNamara. Jones was convicted with McNamara in 1990, and a jury sentenced him to death in 1994. The case became the focus of one of the most high-profile wrongful conviction cases in the country after the conviction of another jogger, Debra Worthington, was overturned in 1999 by a judge who declared that Jones was not a credible witness. Jones maintained his innocence through all the appeals process. He was granted a new trial and, although the jury rejected his claims of innocence, Jones conviction was upheld in 2002 by the Florida Supreme Court. The court had to weigh the fact that Jones was 16 years younger at the time of the crimes than McNamara and the fact that Jones admitted the rape and murder to a cop. The jury of seven men and five women, who deliberated for about 13 hours over two days, sentenced Jones to death. Jones was executed at the Florida State Prison in Starke at 2:02 a. EDT, 0502 GMTThe Florida Supreme Court has declined to hear Jones appeal, and a spokeswoman for Gov. Rick Scott denied a request from Jones for a stay. Jones confessed to the crime in 1989 while he was attending the University of Central Florida in Orlando and McNamara was a student there. I am innocent and I would like a new trial like my daughter because shes still missing, said Jones, according to his last statement to prison officials before execution.

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