Horatio Nelson Jackson, auto pioneer; attended University of Vermont…

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The Beatles, You Are Probably an Ugly Snot and You Should Stop Following The CrowdWhat the hell is it about those three American icons. Theyre always followed around by this shit-eating maw of a fanbase and their fanbase never stops being ugly and weird. Last night, a bunch of weirdos were running around in The Beatles T-Shirt World Tour T-Shirt. It looks like what a bunch of weirdos did for The Beach Boys shirts. Then today, another bunch of weirdos was running around in The Beatles T-Shirt World Tour T-Shirt. This time it looks like a bunch of weirdos did for The Beach Boys shirts. I got to thinking about these shirts, and it got me to thinking about something the Beatles did that none of the T-Shirt merchandisers can ever, ever, ever match. They were like a band that could only exist in a society that was more interested in making itself feel better about itself. A band whose music and image had so much integrity, it became a universal symbol of a happy, lovable, lovable person. When the Beatles started, in those days when the music was really good, the world was a little cynical. The music and the people were both seen as having a limited and trivial relevance in the bigger picture of things. People had grown weary of war, or even politics. The world was so jaded by the late 60s, and so apathetic that it barely registered that a really good band of people had been created in England whose music was to become one of the most recognizable in history. The Beatles created a new kind of music and a new kind of world-view. Something that would have seemed laughable to a society that had lost its sense of humor in those days. There has never been anything like The Beatles. The Beatles transcended all manner of expectations and were always at once the most obscure and the most well known of any band ever. What has never been is a band that transcended the cultural boundaries of their own time. The Beatles transcended time and were always ahead of their time. But thats not even the best part of it.

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