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The next morning, KKW Beauty continues to make headlines. A few days pass and the KKW Beauty Twitter account tweets that theyd like to meet. M really sorry for the way things turned out, we appreciate all the love and support. Were planning on getting better, have no idea when that will be. Re on the upswing, is because we REALLY want to improve and be better for you all. Re really sorry if this caused you any harm. We realize we need to be better, and really do. T make you feel any better. Ve had enough, and make a public apology. Re sorry, all of us at KKW Beauty, for what happened on the red lip and for what we did to you. We know it was shitty that we did and that we did it to hurt you. We also want to say that it was never our intention to offend any other races or ethnicities either. So as this is an emotional issue, we would really like to say that we are trying to work on a better way to present ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world. You go through this whole thing again with this company, and the only way that was going to work was if you tried your hardest to not respond to them.

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