Homosexuality in beauty and the beast

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Also, this is a great excuse to make a new entry of the fanart I did during the movie. You go read the blog insteadYou decide not to read the blog entry, as its only a little thing called SisterWives that you actually really care about, so youll just go and watch the movie for something else. The movie starts, and you see a couple of the sisters kissing. You dont particularly care about that, but you are a little puzzled at whats going on. Then, the movie goes into a long, sad exposition on the history of family. Family is important, as the whole basis of civilization revolves around what you might think is a family, but really its just the strongest and most stable one there is. And when that family is destroyed or corrupted, society doesnt work. The next scene is that family of the two sisters that youve just watched getting married as an example to the audience of what might happen if they went all the way. Then, for no apparent reason, its changed to a young couple, which happens to be sister and brother. Its the exact same thing, just done in a new way. You decide to go sit by the fire and keep the movie from affecting you during your nightly meditationNot happening. The next scene is the big opening scene and then the old man from the opening remarks on the fact that the movie is over with a quiet voice when you didnt pay any attention. The next scene is you holding a bottle of alcohol. The next scene is a very quiet and sorrowful looking young man. The next scene is you and some sort of older, hunchbacked woman that is sitting next to you. The next scene is you and some of the ladies of the night. The next scene is you in a room with several of the ladies, with one lady being in a sexy bathing suit. The next scene is you watching several people having sex in a forest. The next scene is you and a man, who is very affectionate with you. The next scene is you in a bed with a man, while another man and several other men and women are watching you and another girl in a room next to the bed. The next scene is an older couple having sex in a room.

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