Homes Under the Hammers Lucy Alexander sparks frenzy with unrecognisable early TV gig

Fans might recall Lucy Alexander best as the property expert side-kick to Martin Roberts on Homes Under The Hammer, but in fact she has a TV past that many never knew about. Eagle-eyed fans can spot a video of her selling Whopper burgers to hungry customers back in the early 1990s.

“LOOK A very young ME,” Lucy exclaimed, posting a link to the video footage.

It was captioned by UKAds: “Ben Chaplin said Have your Burger King your way in 1992.”

Then a fresh-faced 22-year-old, Lucy can be seen in the footage selling customised burgers to a succession of male customers.

“You got it!” she responds to her first request with a faintly American-sounding twang.

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When he requests “No pickle”, she reverts to an English accent to exclaim in surprise: “Oh – you don’t like pickle?!”

“Then we’ll leave it out,” she offered.

“”You can’t do that,” her customer replied.

“Your whopper,” she reasoned. “Have it your way!”

However that doesn’t prevent her from reacting with amusement to the various requests, and Lucy scrunches up her face with laughter when a customer asks for “extra lettuce – no meat!”

Of course, veggie or even vegan burgers are now widely purchased, but at the time it was more of a niche market.

Lucy’s previous Twitter post, which went out to her 38,700 followers earlier this week, jokingly implied she might have been in need of a veggie option herself.

She posted a meme of cartoon character Winnie The Pooh lifting up his shirt to reveal a very round and rotund tummy, alongside the text: “Me checking if that salad I ate last week has worked its magic yet.”

Talking of the temptation to scoff snacks is a hot topic on Lucy’s Twitter posts.

Another recent tweet saw her debating what to do to remove the desire to scoff a Lindt chocolate Santa she had left in her dressing room.

As testament to her will-power, she had clearly left it uneaten during the festive season but was now finding it more difficult.

“Move it or eat it,” she mused uncertainly.

“If I move it I will need to go and put it far away …in the car. But then I’m likely to go to the car in the middle of the night!”

Eventually, she decided: “Hmm, I will just leave it.”

Meanwhile, fans flooded the Burger King clip post with their reactions.

“No way! I remember that advert would never have realised that was you,” wrote @kirstypup.

However some recognised her immediately and @tedthegrump marvelled: “You don’t look a day older.”

@YDraigGoch10 joined the praise, adding: “You were gorgeous then, now you are beautiful perfection, and an exemplary broadcaster and presenter…”

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