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The police found you at the bus station, curled up in a fetal position in a bag and sweating profusely. Your hands and feet were tied with electrical tape and a blue bandanna was wrapped around your face to block out the sun. Fucking homeless, you say, and nothing comes out other than a hiccuping wheeze. You scream for helpYou scream for help, but no one comes to aid you. The police arrive and take you to the police station, where they check you into an emergency shelter run by the sheriffs department at a nearby town called Westfield. You spend the next few months in that shelter, a grim room filled with other homeless people who have lost everything. Some spent all their money on drugs or gambling and got arrested. Some slept on the streets and got kicked out of their houses. Some got in fights or got in fights with other homeless people. Some were just unlucky and had run-ins with the law. You talk about your pastAs you talk about your past, you learn more about it: That your parents lived in a rundown apartment and didnt have much money; that you used to sneak out of the house at night to find work at a local drug dealer; that before the shelter you used to spend your days sleeping and drinking in a local tavern called The Huts. One night you get a knock on the door and a man dressed in sherrifs uniform appears. Im here to check out a call for service, he says. You give him your full name, and he starts to read you your Miranda rights and consults his police report in the process. You cant help but feel paranoid. You wait around for a while, but no one comes. Finally, the man asks you one last question: Have you done something illegal that would make you go to jail. You feel a sharp pain in your stomach as you realize: youve committed a crime. One you probably wont be able to get out from under. Your heart sinks and you take a deep breath. You lieI didnt do anything, you say.

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