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Im really hoping that I dont just get a bunch of Jew kids in the next generation too that are all like Look, look what I did, I got to Hollywood, Im famous now. I mean, I just want to live with my family, but then I dont want to get overprotective and have to shove my sisters in a closet as I try to keep them from having Jewish parents. You let these kids be JewishThe world isnt really ready for that. There are too many people out there that dont want to see this world burn and are more than willing to go to great lengths to stop this from happening. This world has already dealt with a long, long time with prejudice and bigotry so Im not going to waste my time with an issue that probably wont even be an issue by the time I retire. So Im just going to retire in peace. And that probably doesnt make sense at all, seeing as you were willing to stick it out here for a few years. Hell, you were willing to stick it out for the rest of your family as well. Youve got a lot to think about and a lot to do for your family too after you die, so its time to retire and get out of this place. You head back to the elevator and get your bags. You hear a voice call out to you from a second floor room that you pass on the way to the elevator and open the door. You start to say, and then you think about what youre going to say and just give up. You cant say it, and you have absolutely no idea how to handle this. The two of you head out the door together. Beginoftext A few years go by and youve been here for more than a decade at.

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