Hollywood bowl beauty and the beast

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I watched that movie on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and still cant get all the lines out of my head. Im literally screaming now and I need to get this out to you guys. Since I dont know what you might want to do as an adult to help me out here, I thought Id give the whole thing a try with you guys. Im going to write a full script that will be based around my experiences while going to the movie and also my feelings on the matter. The point of this is not to put you all in a compromising position. It is to help me in some way so that I can use you for my own gain. 500 goal and if we all hit the mark, you guys will all get some great gifts from me. That money will be used to help me and hopefully not wasted. If I succeed, Id like to ask that everyone who donates still doesnt show abuse towards me. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT. I guess you could say life is already stressful for me and that its just gotten worse. Ive probably been thinking about what I want to do with my life a lot more than I should. Im not saying its a bad thing, but its definitely gotten to the point that Im wondering if I even want to keep living. I didnt really have any plans to go to the movies with some film enthusiasts, but Im pretty sure that theyve already made certain assumptions about me and I wouldnt want to disappoint them. I mean I get that it wasnt like the movie was going to change my mind, but I really didnt want to be the guy who didnt go to the movies either. They already said I was going to the movie alone. Im not really on top of things, but it almost seems like Ive been making excuses to avoid going to the movies. If I dont go, I wont feel like Ive failed as a man. As much as Id rather go with the group, I cant. If I go, Ill look like a coward after all the things I.

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