Hollywood actually has social media to thank for the shift in perspective…

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Like to see pictures of; it isnt as commonly done as it is with men. And not all women have the right stereotypes about pictures of women that are taken. You say NoNo, I dont think so You say. You seem very concerned about me You say. This time, he puts the phone away and turns to you. Now, Id like you to come on the show, we have stuff to discuss thats of interest to all of us. While hes taking a break, you say: Youre really worried about me arent you. Well, its very good for business, but then why the concerns. Which wont do my career any good. Well that would be a shame, because really I think youd be a great fit for the showYou put the telephone down and stand up. You say I Have A Body IssueOh, I see He says. Ive been dealing with a lot lately which might affect the way my body functions, plus my family has always been supportive of my weight, but I had to deal with an issue of depression a few months back and I was really sad, and even though I tried to deal with it, it had a lasting effect on my self-esteem. Hmm, well, okay then The man chuckles. But now its over, and I dont feel any different. Well, I can do a little bit of exercise and try not to eat as much for most of the week, but youre right, Im worrying about this.

Article about Fat celebrities female