Hlt man sich so wohl und wird so gut…

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Rt ihn zum Wochen, ich trinken kundzumauffen. You take your hand off your sword and place it on your forehead, then take a deep breath. You let out a sigh as he returns to you. I have heard that you are a skilled warrior and now, I have heard of you, we are both skilled warriors, but you are also a liar. You are Jewish, I am German, we are both from the same tribe, but you and I have different beliefs. What does this say about your pride in your own beliefs. You are not special, you are not special. He takes a step forward and you quickly turn around, thrusting your sword forward. No, I AM the real one, dont you see. He is about to claim back a lost argument and you turn his back. He takes a step forward and you take another step back, this time you are ready to die. You dieAfter several days of torture of his own, you manage to escape and get to a neutral country where you attempt to find the way to the capital of the Empire of Gorgos. The story is not done yet and you are not getting any help from the Gorgos Empire. You are eventually left to be killed by the Imperial army, but you survived and managed to leave the Empire of Gorgos. You spend years wandering on the countryside of Elizabeck. You learn about the history of the people that live there. Eventually you reach a time where in one of your encounters with them, you hear about the war that is going on with the Gorgos Empire. If you manage to escape, you can return now, or wait for the Empire to overrun the north and south together. You tell him the details of the invasion, about how you escaped and where you want to go. But, you are a war hero, you should escape. Gorgos laughs, but you dont give up and you tell him of your dream. You should leave the north and go to the South. He nods and takes a few steps back. Lets do it then, we will go to the South then.

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