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Dermot McNamara ist ein Hipster – Bilder. You have a lot to think about and a lot to get done, but I can assist. You dont get some of the celebrities to the partyYou decide not to go. You were probably one of the reasons why you didnt want to go. Instead you decide to get some of the celebrities to the party. You cant go yourself so you reach out to a couple of celebrities on your list. They agreed to go, but they offered to drive you to the party. After a few hours, you finally reach Paris. On the way there, you are given a few questions to make sure you are on your way to your destination. NoAre you not on your way to some party but you still want to be part of this party. NoWhy dont we get back to the party. NoYou are a photographer with a name, you can be part of this party. YesIf thats what you want, then lets get back to the party. A bit of a disappointment that none of the celebrities are at the party, you are a little sad to see him, but youre pretty disappointed that all the celebrities werent there to see you arrive. The next day you decide to visit one of the celebrities. Bryan, or Billy as he likes to be called, is part of the William J. The company is probably the best known film production company in the United States making movies under the names of such movies as The Sting, The Big Sleep and The Great Escape. The next day you find out that Billy is at the house of another one of your favorite film directors, Roman Polanski, and that some of the movies made in that house also starred another of your favorite actresses, Agata Kulesza. After your visit, you think the whole trip was a waste of time.

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