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So yeah, you probably know who Im talking about. On top of that, a couple of weeks ago I watched a very clever and touching piece of viral marketing on YouTube called, The 5 Solution: How The 5 Solution Helps To Make A Difference In Your Life, which, for the record, is part of a larger list of similar videos The video is a beautiful little story told from the point of view of a middle-aged woman who believes herself to be a victim. As a child growing up, the only thing I ever got to enjoy was when I turned on the TV and saw my husband on TV, she recalls in the video. I always wanted to be on TV, I wanted to have a TV in my own home, that was always my number one reason. I always knew if I got on the network, I was going to be a lot more successful than my husband. Her problem with this was that her husband was very successful or in his words, more famous than me. Whats more, he had more money. And so the woman decides to help herself:She decides to stop trying to be the best she can be, and to just be better than him. She says, How much better would I be, if I started working out like he does. And then, the video says, she finds that exercise can actually make any difference at all. The problem is, exercising can only get you so far not only does exercise take a lot of time and effort, it can be very physically draining so the woman then decides to stop exercising. Because of the exercise, she started to realize that it was actually much harder, and more rewarding, to put in extra time at work and sacrifice her personal life for the greater good. She finally realized she was just as entitled to happiness as her husband, and that there are more benefits to giving than receiving. A lot of the time it seems like people seem to have this idea that being more happy is somehow being selfish or taking something from others. Im still not entirely sure what Im doing, and Im not a psychologist, but I cant help but think that its a lesson that, if we try hard enough, we can all be happier than we are. 500 million to fund four new dams in south-east Queensland. 1bn loan for the Daintree and Brisbane River projects. Queensland Premier Campbell Newman said the deal with the federal government was a huge vote of confidence in the future of the two projects. The projects are very important because of their direct contribution to providing power to the electricity grid while maintaining the rivers ecological.

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