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The reason why you are talking about this particular product is because it was one of the top selling skin care products in Whishs store. You know it for a fact because you still have their personal sales receipt in your possession. The problem is, there is no such product called Whish Natural Skincare. Whish claims that the product, if it was really called that, would be an unapproved product in the EU. The real name of the product should be Phenylephrine Salts, Phenylephrine Salts is an approved product in the EU. Therefore, you need to find a new shop to purchase this product. You look for a new shopYou remember that on your To do list, you bought ingredients for a Shake and Vapourize potion. You wonder if you should try to create a potion out of these ingredients, but you know that your Shake and Vapourize recipe wont even work properly since it requires the Shake ingredient, not the Vapourizer ingredient. You try to come up with another recipeYou need a new batch of ingredients, which will be more useful. You remember that there are some herbs in the list of ingredients, so you head into Whishs herb shop. You visit the herb shopYou walk through the front door of Whishs herb shop. You see a sign hanging on the shop, which is Herb Shop. You notice that they also sell herbal remedies. You notice a few herbs that you remember from that list, but you need to find a lot more. You remember that the ingredients for a cure for a stench are Cinnabar Flowers and Ginseng Leaves. Ginseng leaves has been declared as an unapproved herb, but the Cinnamon Bark has been found to have medicinal properties in clinical trials since it contains Cinnamaldehyde. The Ginseng leaves has many health benefits since the body needs Cinnamaldehyde to function properly. You could find the Cinnamon Bark ingredients on it, but they probably wont sell it anymore since the medicinal properties have been declared as unapproved. You could also try to create Soothe and Soothe by mixing ingredients of Shake and Vapourizer and Smile and Smile You try to find Soothe and Soothe ingredientsYou head to the herbal shop, but the clerk tells you that the shop is closed, but they have herbs that can cure everything, you should try it. You agreeAfter the clerk closes the door, you search the shelves for.

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