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Ft 8, 230 cm, Gwen Gleeson. T just about her career or her appearance. S difficult for me to get publicity on a regular basis. Ve managed to get a few 1 hits. M not even in love any more. Not that it had to end, but I think I just prefer living in the moment. I mean this is going to be my seventh marriage at this rate. M sure all of them would love you very much.

Well anyway, you are not a celebrity, and you cant afford to get any thinner, or else you will be missing out. So you keep on your current weight. After a series of unfortunate events you have lost your job, your home and most of your savings. You live on a food bank voucher once a day. One evening as you sit down to watch television you feel a pain in your side. And is now spreading throughout your entire body. Your vital organs are going to fail you in the months to come. You cant dieFuck you, you say to yourself. You spend the next few days in a daze, in and out of consciousness, and then you dont. You wake up to find that it is Saturday, which surprises you. It isnt like you have ever had this much sleep in a week, let alone in a month. You sit up and take stock of how you got into that situation you found yourself in. You could have stayed with someone you had been with a few weeks before your girlfriends mother died. You werent really in a good place at that point; your relationship with your girlfriend had just ended, partly over money problems, and partly because she had broken up with you. You decided to take what you could get and moved in with your grandmother. You had been living with her for the last five years. You could have easily stayed, but maybe you should have paid attention to your other options. One of the reasons it was rough was that she had a bit of a negative attitude, something she had to work on. The only good thing about losing your job is that now you have no job and there isnt any money coming in. The only bad thing about losing your job is that now you have limited options. You take some time to think about your optionsYou get out your phone and call the food bank, figuring that they at least have the number for the closest one. Sure enough, its still in your town and you get the food for free. You walk out into the cold January air and head to the homeless shelters near by, but then you spot the church.

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