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It would be better if you just said The Saloon, but if you really want to avoid saying it, youll just have to get used to it. T have a lot of time to worry about these sorts of things anymore. After a quick check on your phone to see if you have any incoming calls or messages, you go back to your computer, and begin going through the list of contacts that come up when you search for you name. As you do so, you wonder if you should actually talk to some of these people. Maybe you could use some of their help in getting home, or at least in getting back to your apartment, and not getting lost. Ve got a package for you at the front desk here. You turn to look at the desk and find the package, which is actually labeled The Saloon. You quickly run to the desk and open the box. You open the box and take out the small briefcase-looking thing, and check the small black box on top. You open up the small black box and find a bunch of wires and plugs and other small pieces of equipment. You slowly open up the small black box up and look inside. You see what appears to be a bunch of small computers and monitors attached to a long wire that goes up through a metal tube. You also see multiple cables coming out of the metal tube and going all over the place. You take the briefcase-like device and plug it into the metal tube and it powers up. You turn on the video camera and see a black screen which displays what looks to be a bunch of words and numbers. S actually not black at all, but a light purple in color.

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