Hero Fiennes Tiffin Is Max Harwoods Zombie Friend In The Loneliest Boy in the World Trailer Watch Now!

Hero Fiennes Tiffin is playing a zombie in the upcoming new movie The Loneliest Boy in the World!

The actor stars alongside Max Harwood in the new trailer for the horror comedy, which was announced earlier this year.

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Here’s a synopsis: A modern fairytale—but with zombies. When the sheltered and unsocialized Oliver (Harwood) is tasked with making new friends after the sudden and devastating death of his mother, he decides that digging a few up (literally) might be his best bet.

However, when he awakens the morning after his excavating escapades, he discovers that his newly acquired friends have mysteriously come to life overnight, launching them all into a series of misadventures as they try to keep their secret safe from neighbors, bullies, and social workers alike.

Also starring in the upcoming movie are Susan Wokoma, Evan Ross, Ben Miller, Ashley Benson, and Jacob Sartorious.

The Loneliest Boy in the World, directed by Martin Owen, will be out in theaters October 14th and on digital October 18th.

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