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You are the richest and most famous woman in the world, and thats all you really want. You dont have a problem with any of the other actresses and models who are being used for their bodies. The only thing youre not too fond off is Jennifer Lopez. The sex between you and Jennifer is the most sensual thing youve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. While youve never really had a girlfriend, you have tried for years, and you can honestly say that it would have been hard if not impossible to come anywhere close to matching a woman like Jennifer in her ability to please you physically and emotionally. You even start thinking that you should start having relationships with other people since youve finally achieved your goal. You continue having sex with Jennifer for some time at Jennifers mansion even though youve gotten the impression that Jennifer is probably not in any mood for a physical relationship. That feeling hasnt gone away, but it has been negated by the fact that you are still having an enjoyable experience and it doesnt really matter to you anymore. Years pass and eventually you both die of natural causes. Its a peaceful death that comes to you both with no regrets. Jennifer was a better woman than you at doing things for herself and you were a better man than she was. You were always a better man than she was. There is nothing left you would like to give her. You think back on why you had sex with her in the first place. You dont know, but you did anyway. You think back on why you had sex with JenniferYou think back on why you had sex with Jennifer. It was about you, the desperate man who wanted her and needed her. Its not the same as when youve had sex with a person you genuinely enjoyed it with, but you know that it was different when you had sex with Jennifer. You might have been a better man than her, but its obvious that she was way more talented than you, and it was obvious she was better looking. Your father had already told you so before you even met her and that was the first time in your life that you had a feeling of longing for someone other than yourself. You never thought that you would feel this way with someone else, let alone with someone as gorgeous as Jennifer. You had sex with Jennifer because thats just what you did. The next day you woke up with a pounding headache, and found your door had been broken in. You were in some sort of dream world, with.

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