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The big gaps in the story are between the porn industry. Its been five years of the world changing in a dramatic way and most people havent even noticed. A lot of people are starting to get a little spooked and the Federal Government has taken it upon itself to institute a national state of emergency. You and your team must be very special if there are people that actually WANT to kill you and your crew. Some of the people have even threatened to kill their children if the mission is not successful. T just stand by as people are killing each other. Re going to jump out of the plane and help as many people as you can. You open up the overhead compartment door with a combination lock and then grab your assault rifle and start trying to get as many people as you can on the plane as much as you can. You grab the last group of people seated near the floor near the lavatory area, so you can open the door, but you keep a few steps back. S just the flight attendant, a flight attendant that you know quite a bit with after all. S a woman in her mid-forties, but looks younger. S very pretty with short brown hair and piercing blue eyes like you did when you were little. T close enough to touch her or her. So much for your plan to get her attention. So the first thing you do is reach up and grab the side of the door handle, which is on the right side of the door. You slide your finger right down the right side of.

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