Here is a list of some well-known Americans who espouse socialist views…

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A good example of social ism that actually makes sense. ThaThingWithTheFace 1 point 26 minutes ago Im not a celebrity and Im not an American. Not that Id care, but youre really going to think I am if your logic is so weak youre gonna have to resort to name calling. A list of famous people who are socialists is almost entirely composed of socialists. Which, again, means very little in the scheme of things. The only person on the list who isnt a socialist is, ironically, Bill Gates who, like you, is a capitalist and thus a capitalist who believes in free markets and the concept of freedom. ThaThingWithTheFace 1 point 26 minutes ago Yes, it is an interesting list, but it doesnt tell you anything you need to know, which is all its purpose is. And as for me not being a socialist, I wasnt raised to think that way, its just how Ive always thought. For most of my youth, socialism wasnt even a word. Ive always just thought of myself as a capitalist. Even as a kid, Ive often supported the idea of free markets rather than centralized government, and never once was I brainwashed to the point where I believed in any socialist philosophy. For some reason, you seem to think that since I hold socialist views, Ive somehow been indoctrinated into them. Ive tried to show you how this is incorrect, how this is a fallacy, but you just cant understand. ThaThingWithTheFace Your attempts to understand my position fail completely. ThaThingWithTheFace 1 point 26 minutes ago How so. Youve told me what you feel and it doesnt make sense to you. I had no idea capitalism was better than socialism. I mean, I agree the government has a role in a free economy. I suppose the question is, should it be too big or too small. Should it be doing too much or too little. Should it be too much of something or too little of something. Should there be a profit motive or should there.

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