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You head towards it, noticing the familiar faces who are all still standing around, waiting for the rest of you to come through. When you arrive at the lobby, you go straight to the counter and scan the entire room. There is a small group of people sitting outside, discussing something, but you dont pay them any mind, instead you head straight towards the elevator. Once inside, you press the button, which opens, and you are quickly sucked up to the 14th floor, at an elevator that you dont recognize. Once inside, you find yourself moving at a glacial pace. You hear a buzzing noise in the elevator going up and down, so you take the opportunity to find the source of that noise. You find some sort of computer, and you press the keyboard, which turns on. After a few seconds, you hear a door open up and find yourself in another elevator, this one going down from the 14th floor. You go in and move from station to station, as you wait for the elevator to leave. This one takes you to the same floor as the one you entered the other elevator on, so you quickly go through the same doors. Inside the elevator, you take a seat and wait for the elevator to arrive. Soon, you are in the elevator, which is now heading down to the same floor you were in before. You have no idea what the elevator is going to do. You press the button to get the elevator down and as you do so, you see that the elevator door has opened, so you quickly move inside, trying to remember where you were, before the elevator started going down. Once inside, you move to the first level and soon, you see a bright light from above, and you hear a loud boom. Seconds later, you feel the building start to shake. You look out the window and see the sky turning dark and hazy before you all hear a rumbling like a giant machine and a very large explosion. Then, there is a long, dark silence, and you are shaken back to reality and get back on the road. On your way down, you see a couple of buildings on fire, and you try to keep a quick eye out for other disasters of this nature. You try to turn on some news channel to see what is happening, but are surprised to find that there are no coverage of the event. Instead, you begin to see people in the distance. They look very old, very decrepit, and very tired. The people in the distance begin to speak about some sort of disaster that has happened in the city, and then they ask you if you want to go check.

Article about Famous old celebrities