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She is married to a professional boxer, Bartolomeo Ali and has a younger sister, Cassandra Ali. You can reward her with gifts by paying for her to speak at your party. She can also help you dance, sing, or in any way that you choose at your party. T have any problem ina couple of days. Muhammed Ali Cassandra Ali Bartolomeo Ali Laila Ali Bartola AliYou look at Muhammed and wonder if you should tell him that the price is quite high. The man takes a picture of Cassandra, while Bartolomeo says nothing and is busy doing the same with Muhammed. Is it too much to ask for a couple of days stay at the Ritz. Ll take my daughter out to dinner to celebrate my last two digits right now. M a big enough man to take this party. Re just standing here while my girl gets a free room. S been a little distant with you lately. S offer, but before the pair of you leave, you get a call from Cassandra.

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