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And then, the more I type out these crazy thoughts about celebrities who never went to college, the more I realize something really creepy is going on here. There are a lot of people, particularly on this site, Im typing this while scrolling through my news feed, who think celebrities who never went to college are rich and successful because theyve never graduated high school. Im not saying none of them are, only that there are other interesting reasons for why they never graduated. I mean, a lot of them did graduate high school, like Michael J. Fox, for instance, but for whatever reason they decided to just give up on college and work instead. I can totally imagine him saying, It doesnt work for me insteadAs for Warren Beatty, he didnt go to college, so obviously his intelligence was a given, but he managed to also have a great career and even a marriage. But what about the other types of celebrities who have never graduated high school. You know, a lot of them actually seem pretty dumb sometimes. One famous actor who probably didnt go to college is Adam West. He wasnt a very good actor in the first place. In fact, he only lasted a couple of episodes of Batman, so theres probably a good shot that he would still be on the police force today. And what about the movie actor George Kennedy, who also has a career in real estate. Instead, he actually was a stage hand on a lot of musical shows at the time. And the other popular movie star who doesnt go to college, I guess is Robert Downey Jr. He actually got an associate degree in music performance. While Im sure he was very good at what he did, I just find it a little odd that a music performance degree would be so worthless considering his many film and TV credits. It isnt even that theyre too young to be going to college; its just that theyve never done it, so the industry has automatically assumed that they are idiots. You know what would be a more accurate way to evaluate someone who hasnt gone to college. Would that person actually be competent enough to have a successful career in the first place. Is that person really too stupid to be a successful actor or singer. And then let them go on to pursue their dreams. But there are so many examples like that.

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