Here are the celebs weve seen gain and sometimes shed serious pounds through …

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What kind of a star does he think he s. You choose a happy endingThe Hero You remember this, the hero who saves you will save you. All you need to do is become a living advertisement of the world being a better place even if you do have to shed a bit of excess weight. You dont know if you can do it, but you are determined to help everyone in the best way you can. You join the ArmyIts the only thing that could get you out of your current situation. But I know that this camp is going to require a lot of teamwork, so you can count on me to keep things moving along. At this point you grab her hand and pull her to the tent. You close the door behind you, and then you hug her. You have to stop yourself from laughing because you are so heart broken by the situation right now, you are having a hard time even breathing.

Article about Celebrities who gained weight