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You sign up for Beauty SubscriptionYou dont really need a subscription box, and youd rather not be associated with a company that makes that kind of profit. You dont think anyone is going to read your email, or maybe youre already being spammedYou sign up for a free, one-month trial and dont sign up for a second trial, unless you want people to think youre a suckerTwo weeks pass and you never sign up for a subscription again. You sign up for Beauty SubscriptionYou sign up for a subscription, a month after the free trial expires. 95, plus shipping Youre not sure why the monthly prices are that high. Boxes are usually only available for a limited time. You might as well wait until you can afford it. Three months go by and you wait and wait. Then, one day in December, you wake up and see an email. 95 price tag, because it was a really good deal Box Name: Beauty BoxDescription: Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription box subscription. We send you a specially curated box of products and gifts, containing the best beauty supplies and makeup of the month. Each box comes with a mini beauty and makeup gift. Were so sure youll love them, that we include a full sized cosmetic gift with each box. You purchase BoxYou buy one box and a mini beauty and makeup gift. The box contains:, Dont worry, all contents are included Box OneIngredientsBox TwoIngredientsBox ThreeIngredientsThe Beauty Box Monthly site gives.

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