Here are some of the most famous people who died in the year 2011…

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He wouldve been 33 years old. He wouldve had many more years left in his life. You cant help but think that, whatever your issues with the system are, something is going badly off track and youll find that out once and for all on the day that youre summarily executed. That night, you lie down on the bed and close your eyes. As night comes, the sun is on your face and youre too scared to get up. The sun is up soon enough and, after a few more minutes of lying there staring at the red sky, you rise and stretch your legs and arms. You take a deep breath to calm yourself and calm your heart. You open the door, step outside and look around you. No one is around though and you have no idea where the hell you are. You look at the sky and think you were wrong. Its not the sun thats going to kill you, its the stars. And in this particular sky, all of them are going down. You look at the earth and think you were wrong. Its not the sun thats going to kill you, its the sunsets. In a matter of moments, you know that youre in a much more hopeless situation than you realized and that youll likely be unable to see the forest for the trees. As you stare down at the two moons, two stars that will soon be a part of each of them, you stare at how life will soon be no more because therell be nothing left to watch over you. You think back to all the time you spent with them, and how much youve loved them. You think back to how youll be able to spend even more time with them now. You think about the world theyre going to leave you and then you think about how youll be able to make one more chance with them. You think about who youd like to be on the other side. But all of those thoughts are going to be gone, and there wont be a chance at getting back the two people you care the most about. A cold voice that you dont remember saying anything like that before is going to say something like that to you. You take a deep breath and turn around. You dont move away from the doorYou look up at the sky, you.

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