Her death was not publicized until nearly six weeks later…

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Re doing so while thinking about what you should say to her. D at least hear your side of the story. Lena says and leads you to a secluded part of a bedroom. S a large amount of small figurines of people you recognize from books, movies, music and everything else. A couple of them are even real life people you KNOW. Yeah, like grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Well, I suppose I can relate to their plight. M sure you DO know a lot of these people. Ve likely had more contact with them than I have. M talking to you about something else entirely. At this point, Lena reaches over and starts to move a few of the figurines, which you guess in a semi-coherent manner. Lena just stands there looking at you with a neutral expression, which is making you a bit uncomfortable. Lena finally moves on to her next figurine.

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