Her corpse had the nickname Sleeping Beauty…

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The world is not a safe place and there are so many horrors that lurk in it that you have no where to hide. T trust anyone, not even Dessa. The only thing you can do is prepare yourself and make the most out of your time here. The next few years are a bit of a blur, mostly due to your sanity being so shattered. You get sick of the constant fear that it will never end and all your choices will be for naught. You begin to develop strange habits like sleeping on solid ground to keep yourself grounded. Re seeing, but you need to stop it somehow. Re also sick of your future, that of your relatives and of course your parents. Re in a weak situation and are going to have to get something out of this. T be coming to get you any time soon. Re still alive is enough to stop you from giving up. Ve never really worked with the family before, but you can see that your new hire is a proper working wife and mother to a young daughter. Everyday is tough, but you try to make the best of it. Re going to be taking your skills up to a whole.

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