Henri, died of an embolism at 58 years 79 days …

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And when you, see a celeb, take a look at their face too. Yes, but its going towards the future, not towards days. You decide to play your songs in the hopes of changing the way you thought about them. You decide the songs that you will listen to will be the ones you grew up with. You decide the songs you wonu2019t listen to because they are not familiar to you. You play the songs you grew up with and forget about the songs you do not. Your heart was beating fast and your breathing quick. Tears run down your cheeks as you think about your mother. You think about her every day, but you never thought you would be left without her. Your father died of a heart attack 2 months before your mother. You never had any contact with your mother. She died 4 years later and never spoke about you or expressed any emotions about you. You cannot move on, so you just stay there, listening to your songs, trying to forget. You never thought that you would grow up, see people, have a life, make love and see the world and still do not have your mother. You do not know if you have loved your mother or have loved nothing. You just want your mother to come back. You just remember when you were little, and you used to play with your brother and sister and get them to draw pictures and do everything a little boy would do. You remember your mother loved you very much and would let you play just because of that, she always did. When she was gone, your father decided to take a look at your mother and other things and made her stay at home with your younger brother. Everything that could be taken from you was taken from you. Your father wanted to get your mothers old home on the island, but he couldnt because the police were going to raid it. He was in dire need, and after he was in dire need, he decided to sell the house which he was planning to do for a long time, before, he got shot by a group of criminals, and was killed when he jumped into the sea, when he jumped into the sea. When he died, your mother was left in a terrible situation.

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