Heidi Blair Montag, born Septem, is an American television personality, singer, fashion …

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They are already watching you being taken outFrom the corner of your eye you can see some of the people have stopped watching you and are now turning towards the door. Year 20Every day you walk to school you get better and better. Ve even been getting a lot better at fighting crime. You still fight muggers by yourself sometimes, but your real skills are being able to take on gang members, triad members and drug dealers. One of your school bullies, a big brutish kid called Terry gets so riled up each time he attacks you that he punches a hole in the road in an attempt to hit you. T work out though, Terry gets thrown off his bike and almost hits by a car when he tries to make a run for it. T make it and you nearly get hit. S now got a really good idea of why you fight back, you kick him in his belly and knock him out cold. You both grapple on the ground, you land a few punches which causes Terry to jump and punch you back. He begins to choke you out and you struggle to free yourself. He is so strong that the only thing you can think of to do is to just let him choke you out so he can get it over with. You let him do as he pleases and feel a slight sense of accomplishment, before you black out. Terry is kneeling over you and his sister, who is looking down with a horrified expression on her face. Re going to pay for beating up my brother. S sister runs out of the room and you feel a sense of satisfaction.

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