He isnt the only famous Latter Day Saint out there…

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You can always be a real friend later. Ll introduce you to someone real quick. S hand and take him to a table on the side of the room. You get in front of the boy and press a palm to his forehead. The boy does as you command and you place your hand on his forehead. Just before you die, you see the following visions. You see a man in a purple robe leading his flock. He looks down at a group of young boys and tells them to gather all of the herbs and minerals they can find in the forest. You see a black cloud and hear a voice in your head. You see a light emanating from the center of the earth. It appears that it is a man with a staff in his hand and he is holding a young girl in his arms. You reach into your pocket and find a small gemstone. It is the size of a large marble and the color of a deep emerald. You feel a strong pull and you hold onto it for dear life. You see a man standing before you in a light blue robe, holding a long staff that is also light blue and radiates a strong magic aura. M sorry, mortal, for taking you from your family and friends. Ve made this sacrifice not to harm you or anybody else. Ve had it with the human family trying to control what is rightfully mine. Will you honor me in this last act of servitude.

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