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You go to HollywoodYou really want me to go to Hollywood. You actually dont even know if youre going to like it. Then I can show you a little of why I like it. Youre not going to get an answer to that last question from me. You go to HollywoodAlright, alright, Ill go to Hollywood. I just need to talk to you for a while first. Alright, alright, Ill talk to you laterA few days later youre in Hollywood. Its been a few years since you left your hometown and since you got your drivers license, youve spent more time on your own. Youve got less contact with your family, though you still watch a lot of television and visit with them occasionally when you can. While your time here in Hollywood has been good, so far youve only been able to keep to yourself, so you need to get out. That being said, you still dont want to just go out, but the way to Hollywood is pretty familiar. When you try to find your way out of the city, you suddenly see something out of the corner of your eye. Its a dark vehicle on a side street, but as you get closer, you realize its a limo. You look back at your rearview mirror and see that it is indeed a limo. We all know you have friends in the area. The area youre in, is definitely populated, however, just because there are people here, doesnt mean anything bad is going to happen. M just here to take you to where youre going to stay. Yeah, those names come from my older sister, who I guess was named.

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