Harry Styles fans horrified as he spits at Chris Pine at Dont Worry Darling premiere

Celebrity world is in a spin this morning after Harry Styles has been spotted seeming to spit at co-star Chris Pine as he took a seat next to him at the Venice Film Festival.

Harry, 28, who plays the lead in highly anticipated movie Don't Worry Darling, has caused a social media storm after he was seen seemingly spitting in his fellow actor's lap in front of his girlfriend and the film's director Olivia Wilde, 38.

During the bizarre moment, Chris Pine – who is busy applauding as Harry takes his seat appears to stop in his tracks, looking down at his lap and has a face of pure disbelief as Harry nonchalantly sits.

One fan on Twitter wrote: "Harry Styles appears to spit on Chris Pine i won't sleep until i know the truth."

Another added: "the don’t worry darling drama is getting more and more absurd like what do you mean harry styles [spins wheel] spit on [spins wheel] chris pine."

A third wrote: "Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine? What is going on BTS of ‘Don’t Worry Darling?'"

And this is by far not the only piece of drama involved in the promotion of his highly anticipated film which is out on September 23.

Taking to Twitter to point out all the obvious drama going on in the footage and images from the premiere events.

One said: "I would like to thank the cast of Don't Worry Darling for this zero stakes petty celebrity drama. We deserve."

Another added: "there’s so much talk and drama about the main cast of ‘don’t worry darling".

And a third said: "logging onto twitter dot com every day to consume more Don’t Worry Darling drama."

The drama began after a report from Page Sixthis summer claimed that Florence was upset with Olivia dating Harry during the production of Don't Worry Darling as she was still married to Jason Sudeikis — before he publicly served her custody papers for their children after they split in November.

Adding to the feud, Olivia was heard to have suggested "Miss Flo" needed a 'wake-up call' in a video leaked by Shia LaBeouf, who refuted the claim that he had been fired from the movie.

In the footage Olivia, 38, can be heard encouraging LaBeouf to stay as part of the film, rather than leave it, and her tone hints at some tension with Florence.

Speaking a press conference where Florence was notably absent yesterday (September 4), Olivia said: "Florence is a force; we are so grateful she is able to make it tonight [to the premiere] despite being in production."

She added: "As for all the endless tabloid gossip and noise out there, the internet feeds itself. I don’t feel I need to contribute to it. It’s sufficiently well-nourished."


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