Harry and Sandra Redknapp share secret to a happy marriage as they invite OK! into their home

Since being crowned I’m A Celebrity winner in 2018, Harry Redknapp has been busier than ever. And while the 74-year-old shows no sign of slowing down any time soon, it’s safe to say he’s never happier than when he’s at home with his wife, Sandra.

The nation was captivated by their love story and Harry’s adoration for Sandra during the ITV show, and it's clear from our shoot, clear things haven’t changed a jot. “Sandra’s my life,” smiles Harry, who met ‘Sarn’ in 1964 at a dance in east London. “I just love her to bits.” Last year the loved up pair moved into a new house in Poole, and they can't wait to show it off exclusively for OK! VIP Club members, with a guided tour of the luxury mansion!

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Harry and Sandra moved into the beautiful five-bedroom house in a leafy suburb of Poole, after departing their famous glass-fronted Sandbanks mansion in 2020 after 25 years. And as they welcome us into their new abode, where they live with their British bulldog Barney, we can’t wait to quiz the pair on the latest goings on – including Harry’s forthcoming stint as a soap star! That’s right, next month will see the former football manager make a guest cameo in EastEnders to coincide with the Euros.

Harry and Sandra are also still beaming from the happy news they’re to be grandparents again, after their son Jamie announced last month he’s expecting his third child – his first with girlfriend Frida Andersson Lourie.

Here, the lovely couple, who celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary next week, discuss the excitement over their new grandchild, and why they prefer the quiet life…

Harry, Sandra – your home is incredible. What do you love about it?

Harry: The views. It’s got stunning views across the golf course and you can see the harbour. We have deer come in the garden and almost up to the back door some days, which is amazing. I love animals so I like feeding the birds out there, too. We never had that on the beach, just the seagulls!

Do you have a favourite room?

Sandra: I love the whole house but the kitchen is my favourite place to be. It’s large and easy to use.

Harry: Sandra is an amazing cook. My favourite is the one with the TV where I can watch my football and horse racing! We need a couple of TVs in the house so Sandra can watch her soaps and I can watch football.

Who picks out the interiors?

Sandra: I design the interiors and then we have decorators who do the work.

Harry: Sandra’s got good taste and an eye for it so I leave it to her.

What was the decision behind leaving your home in Sandbanks after so long?

Harry: It’s a beautiful place but with it being by the water it just got too busy for us. We lived on the water for 25 years and we just wanted a bit of a change.

Sandra: We adored our time in Sandbanks but we love where we are now. It’s quieter.

Do you miss being by the beach?

Harry: Yeah, I enjoyed it. You could just walk down and have a swim. I grew up in east London in a block of flats on a council estate so to live on the beach was a dream come true for me. I feel very lucky.

Did you go paddleboarding and jet skiing?

Harry: No, I’m not into that. I like having a dip and that’s about it. I even got roped into going in on Christmas Day once! Our neighbours have a tradition of going swimming every year on Christmas Day and they dragged me in. It was freezing! But I did feel better for it.

You will mark 54 years of marriage next week. What’s the secret?

Sandra: I suppose the secret to our marriage is talking and never going to sleep on a row. We understand each other and are just happy being together.

Harry: I love her to bits and we get on great. Since we first went out together it’s been like that. Sandra’s my life. We met at 17 and went out for three or four years before we got married. It was different in those days – you didn’t live together. I lived in east London with my parents and Sandra lived at home with her family.

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So you only moved in together once you were married?

Harry: Oh yes, that’s how it was then. If I stayed longer than 10 or 15 minutes when I used to take her home, her dad, who was a big guy who worked down the docks, used to bang on the floor and say, “It’s time to go, Harry!” Sandra’s sister married Frank Lampard [Snr] and Frank knew it was time to go as well. Sandra’s dad was a lovely man called Bill Harris. He didn’t mess around!

How will you celebrate your anniversary?

Sandra: We normally go for a nice meal together to our favourite restaurant. Sometimes we’ll stay in and I’ll cook.

Harry: Yeah, we’re not big party people. We like going out for dinner a couple of nights, but we’re very quiet really. We just like each other’s company. We’d get embarrassed having a big party. I don’t really like the attention being on me.

We think people would be surprised to hear that, Harry…

Harry: I know. It’s only since I did the jungle that Sandra has been put in the spotlight. It’s not something she ever wanted to do. She’s not mad on it and could do without it!

So you’re not a fan of the celebrity life, Sandra?

Sandra: No, I’m not keen on the limelight if I’m honest. I like to keep to myself. But being married to Harry I’m used to him being in the spotlight and always being on TV.

Harry: People don’t think it but I like the quiet life. I’ve been busier than ever these last couple of years and it was not something I was looking to do. People just asked me to do stuff and I did. Even doing the jungle, I wasn’t going to do it and it wasn’t something I thought I’d fancy doing – I was just asked to do it and then some mates of mine said it would be a great experience. Since then things have been quite crazy.

Do you regret going on the show?

Harry: No, I’m glad I did it. I met a really nice group of people and it was good fun. I’m still in touch with everyone – we have a WhatsApp group.

Sandra: I’m pleased Harry went in the jungle, but it was nerve-racking to watch!

It sounds like you’d quite like to slow down, Harry?

Harry: I should be slowing down! The plan was to play golf every day and slow right down, but that hasn’t happened. But I am going to start cutting down.

Sandra: I don’t think Harry will ever slow down, but we are trying to get him to. He enjoys the events and everything he is doing at the moment, but often the travelling can be tiring for him.

How do you both feel about welcoming another grandchild now Jamie and Frida are expecting?

Sandra: It’s exciting!

Harry: Yeah, we’re very excited. Jamie is very happy and Frida is happy. We’re lucky that Jamie has two boys already, Charley and Beau, and our other son Mark has five children, so this will be grandchild number eight. We’ve got our hands full!

Do they keep you on your toes?

Harry: They keep me skint!

Are Jamie and Frida going to find out what they’re having?

Harry: They’re going to keep it a secret.

What was it like living with all boys when Jamie and Mark were younger, Sandra?

Sandra: The main challenge was having to keep them all tidy [laughs]!

Would you two ever renew your vows?

Sandra: There is no need for us to renew our vows but it is something we’d consider.

Let’s talk about the Euros. How are England’s chances, Harry?

Harry: England still have a big chance! They’ve got some really good players.

What’s your choice of tipple when you watch football?

Harry: I’m not a big drinker. A glass of red wine is all I ever have. My favourite thing to have while watching football is a cup of tea and a few chocolate biscuits!

Did you ever want to manage England, Harry?

Harry: I would’ve loved to. There was a time [in 2012] where it looked like I’d get the job and that would’ve been great, but it didn’t happen. It wasn’t to be and I’ve been lucky that I’ve managed lots of good teams and players.

And you have a cameo in EastEnders next month to tie in with the Euros!

Harry: It’s only a small part, but it was good fun. I went into the Queen Vic and had a drink with Danny Dyer. He was great, and Brian Conley. I’ve been a fan of Brian’s for a while. He’s a really talented artist.

It must have been amazing filming such an iconic soap as an East End boy…

Harry: Yeah, being an East End boy and then being in EastEnders was great fun! A year or two ago someone asked what’s the next thing you’re going to do and I said, “I’ll be in EastEnders next,” as a joke, and then I was asked to do it! Sandra likes her soaps so she can watch me and I’ll be in the other room watching football!

Sandra: I’ll be watching! He’s always wanted to have a cameo role coming from the East End.

Now you’ve ticked EastEnders off your list, what’s next Harry?

Harry: I think I’m just about done! I did my podcast [The Harry Redknapp Show] and that was great fun. We had some good guests like Rod Stewart. If anything comes along that’s fun I’ll do it, but I’m not chasing it. I’m 75 next year and I’m still so busy!

And since you like the quiet life, we take it there won’t be a big party for your 75th next year?

No, not if I can help it. It will just be me and Sandra going out for dinner and a glass of wine. We’re very happy doing that!

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