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You begin to feel a bit uncomfortable at this point. I thought it would be fun to find out more about them all. Well, they do have several half-siblings by other parents but they dont have any offspring by them and their relationships with them are strained at best. You say, as your eyes start to glaze over. You take a deep breath and try to get your mind off the topic. You continue to look at everyone for a time until Melody interrupts. Well, weve found out were going to be at different venues so we decided to go to one where were in the same room together. I think its the one where everyone was sitting on the floor talking about different topics. Were going to go to the bar where people are drinking. When were the only two in the bar were going to have a drink each. Okay then that seems like a good idea. You head to the same bar you and Melody went to yesterday and found an empty table with plenty of room to sit. Once there you find a very similar, yet smaller crowd to when you and Melody were at the other table. You go to the same tableYou head to the table again and see a much larger crowd there now. You and Melody are in the same little circle as you did yesterday. You try to be nice, you tell the little ones to be nice too. You grab the beer bottle and begin to try to jam your thumb in the mouthpiece; making a satisfying clink as you insert it. The bottle is light but not flimsy, so you can at least get it into the handle. Then you notice the bottle you were drinking from is gone.

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