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Juice Kerosene lamp Gum Knife Paint Scissors Shovel Stick Talcum powder Toysgames Toysgames ToysgamesPlease note:1, The time is now 4:10 PM. 4, If you have already arrived, this will not be counted as a day when in fact you have not arrived at all. You arrive at the hotelYou arrive at the hotel, where you check in, but still you cannot fall asleep. You start to look around the hotel; there are so many things to buy and there may be a good deal for each item. However it is not the size of your room, not by a long shot; it is a bit smaller, and it has one big problem however; it is too big for you. You take a look in the bathroom, and it is clear; it is even smaller than yours. You have already found out that there is neither bed nor a chair for you; you would have to simply sleep on the floor. If you had to choose between your home and your hotel room right now, you would choose the hotel room. 55 dollars, which is the price you had originally thought it would cost; it was still cheaper than what you had to pay for your last room anyway. You choose the hotel roomYou choose the hotel room. The room is small, but it is better than your own home, at least for the time being. You can take it or leave it, as it can be; your home or your hotel. You continue to the next roomYou continue to the next room, the one that says Hotel Room. You decide not to explore, it just seems like more stuff for you to do, and you would rather leave this place with nothing than any of these rooms. You continue to the room on the leftYou continue to the room on the left. Unfortunately the bed is made of a material that is not your favourite; it is very soft and does not support your weight properly, so you would easily sink into.

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