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You blush a bit and ask a question that you probably thought was stupid before. Of course you are, what else would you say. Ll try to see you again tomorrow. Re about to head home when you spot your reflection in some sort of mirror in your bathroom. Re not a goddess anymore, but you do have a nice figure. You turn around and see your reflection a few minutes later. T have the piercing in your nose you did before, you have slightly fuller lips, and you have a slight curve to your back instead of the more boyish looking one you had before. T look like the typical beauty queen. T make a good one, but a woman. Re probably just trying to impress your sister. You mutter to yourself as you walk down the streets of Holgard. It would appear that the last few months of peace have been a false one. You can only think that whoever is at fault has placed some sort of field over everything. It makes fighting magic, curses and even dark arts practically impossible.

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