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A gowned woman wearing a loose-fitting business suit enters the room. Were glad to see everyones all right. Hi, you say, were all right. Well, theres been a problem at the factory; workers werent paid for months now. The factory is shutting down, and the only way for the company to stay alive is to get people to make up the difference in the paychecks. Youre saying your fathers company is going under. He wasnt answering his phone for a month now. We found his body three days ago, and his wife, Brenda, said hed never return to work. He was a good guy, never had a bad word to say about me or my sisters. Well, were still sorry, says Johnny. Were going to start hiring again once the job is back up and running. Yeah, but theyre not going to have jobs like they had before. Theyre going to have to work for free, to make up some of the paychecks theyre not getting. Its not going to be a comfortable life, even if you get them on their feet and off of the street. Well, Ive talked to Brenda, and she says shell let us keep his house and car, as long as were willing to work for some of the pay. Dont worry, Johnny, says Sally, we dont want to live off of his money. Were going to have to decide whether or not we want to take on responsibility for peoples survival, and if we do, were going to have to keep this from my father. Well, weve got three choices, all of which are horrible, says Sally. Im going to make the choice thats the worst, you say. We wanted you to choose, says Sally. Ill need people to come help me out.

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