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The bed is soft, made of brown, fluffy fur. You are wearing a yellow cap that says Fairy on it. You are wearing a red robe of the same color. – You are in bed with a woman in front of you, and you see you are not in the fairy tale. Her eyes are bloodshot, and her mouth is wide open. You then see that she has short red hair, which is sticking straight up. Her neck has a scar that looks deep, though you cannot remember seeing such a scar in a fairy tale. She looks pretty, and you are not familiar with women like her. She is a woman in the fairy tale Fairytale of the Lonely Heart, with white skin and red hair. It is impossible to tell how old she is, because her appearance is so different, but you think that she is at least twenty years older than you. We dont speak the language of living things. We do not have an age limit to being a vampire. This house belongs to humans, because they are the only ones that can speak my language. As long as they stay in this house, I cannot kill them. The woman is upset, probably because she has been stranded in this forest for three days. Her face is not red, but it is clearly unhappy, as there are beads of sweat on her forehead. If you are human, then I can understand your language. Please, come out of your room with me right now. If you are human, then I can explain what happened between us. I dont want to hear your foolish fairy tale. No, my dear, your kind has been known to make children. Im sorry, but this is the best thing that could happen. Mary smiles and smiles, as she slowly turns her back to you. If you like, I can tell you more about vampires.

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