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You quickly look over your shoulder to make sure no one is following you and then turn back to try to put on your best smile. The EndYou hear the noise of the door being closed behind you and then the clunking of glass as it is set down on the coffee table. Then a loud voice shouts, What is going on in here, do you have ID. You quickly look towards the front of the shop and notice several of the more attractive women are pointing at you and giggling as you walk past them. You hear a gruff voice shout, making the women laugh even more. The man walks into the room holding a black box with a large battery inside it. He closes the door on your face as you are left in the dark with the loud music. The door opens again and another gruff man with a cigarette in his mouth walks in. Welcome to my club, The first man says in an unruly voice that doesnt match his scruffy appearance, What do you think youre doing walking around in a place like this drunk. You quickly try to look as bored as you can, hoping this will be over quickly. You cant just walk into a club like this. You need some sort of ID to let me know youre 21 and over and I dont have time for fucking thugs like you. The man says and turns his back on you, Oh, and I said look at me, look at my big dick. You see your chance and quickly walk towards him. You start RunningYou quickly look back as both men are standing at the door leading to the lift, trying to hold the smaller man back. You start RunningYou quickly run towards the lift, before quickly jumping up and running and running before they can react. You run from the lift down the stairs and just when the door starts to open you leap out of the way as the door hits you in the chest. You land behind the counter as you feel a punch to the back of your head. You feel like you may pass out from it, but it doesnt matter as one of the men on the other side punches you in the face, knocking you out. You land at the bottom of the stairs and feel a hand on your back. Ah, youre just like old times, a gravelly voice says as the first man with the cigarette hands you the black box. A New Adventure BeginsYou look up at the two men holding the box with the large battery inside it. One of them walks forward and puts a hand to his large mouth, slowly removing the cigarette from it.

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