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The real problem is, green-eyed women cant have children. Not that theres anything wrong with having beautiful-as hell green-eyed women who are fertile. Its just that their sex drive is WAY more than, and more than just, an equal equation with green-eyed women, and if you dont think thats a problem, then YOU dont know what youre talking about because in my professional experience, its an issue that you could really do a whole class on about. Youre right about one thing: Its not a big deal, but it can be a problem, so before you pass any kid-raising issues on to some other dude, you need to know all the facts about green-eyed women, because theyre everywhere. Here they are:Green-eyed women are just as pretty as their blue-eyed counterparts. Blue-eyed people are attracted to everyone, and theres nothing wrong with you, but its not your thing, so there. Green-eyed people just happen to be more attractive than blue-eyed people, because theyre more interesting. Theyre smarter, theyre more creative, more charismatic and more social than blue-eyed people, and theyre just generally more interesting. Green-eyed people do NOT age more gracefully than blue-eyed people. Green-eyed people are more creative and have more creativity than blue-eyed people. They have a more dynamic sensibility that really works in their favor, but it takes a little more of your attention at times. Youre also less likely to like green-eyed people, because theyre a little more intense and intense people tend to not be as fun to hang out with. S not broke, dont fix it, but unfortunately when it comes to a couple of our eyes, green-eyed people are more broken than blue-eyed people. Re going to need these facts for your future offspring, because the Green-eyed Monster is about to come and eat your wife. Green-Eyed WomenThe fact is, there are green-eyed women and there are blue-eyed women. But green-eyed women make babies no matter what the color of their eyes are. The blue-eyed woman on the other hand, in spite of all her flaws, she always does it the green way, because she has the potential to be fertile. You know, and you can have a family with her. The green-eyed people have this weird double standard that they like to complain about, but they dont actually like it.

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