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Theres no way, however, to describe how good the sound mix for this film is, nor those superb songs I couldnt resist writing a review for. Dont want to sound like a cynic, but the whole film seems so wishy-washy and unreliable in some parts. Like the ending is just an excuse to say this is an ambitious film, and the characters are basically cardboard cut-outs. In fact, Im going to say it: this film is garbage. Seriously, there is so much wrong with this:The story: This film does not tell a solid story, and its plot is a mess. The fact that there are so many major and minor characters, and that they all have different motivations and points of view, makes it difficult to tell their overall story. The characters: Theres no way to relate to all of them, or even to any of them. In fact, theres almost no hero to be found. The characters are not complex, and theyre simply likable types, all the better if cardboard cut-outs. You can even tell that the actors were paid less than minimum wage to play these characters. The high-art and modern feel: The costumes and props in this film are just plain dated and out-dated. The music is modern, but doesnt fit right with the film. The soundtrack itself is very forgettable, and some of the songs are downright bad. The characters dialogue: The dialogue in this film is clunky and awkward to the point that its almost painful to watch. Its almost like someone had an idea in mind, but just could not finish it, or maybe it was just a first-time director whose vision was not strong enough to complete itThe editing: This film relies on fast editing, yet, this makes the film almost unwatchable. Sometimes the cut-scenes are so rushed and confusing, that they make you think the movie is just a bunch of random images flickering in and out of reality. The dialogue in general: Theres nothing new or interesting in the dialogues in this film. Final thoughts: Im not even going to try to describe this film; youre never going to get it anyway. You should have no confidence in your ability to describe this film, and you should just see it to see for yourself instead. This was written in 2013, when the film had not yet been released. This review contains only some of the problems I found in this film. For a more complete analysis of The Great Beauty, please see its actual review.

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