Graham Nash To Release New Live Album

Graham Nash will release a new concert album featuring a collection of his performances recorded during a Northeastern tour in September 2019 on May 6.

Titled Graham Nash: Live, the album will feature the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Famer performing the complete track list of his first two solo records, Songs For Beginners (1971) and Wild Tales (1974).

“I’ve been trying to figure out why Songs For Beginners and Wild Tales [were] so popular and I think it’s that intimacy and that immediacy of my emotions,” Nash said in a press release.

Nash previewed the upcoming album with the live version of “Military Madness,” a song from Songs For Beginners.

The anti-war track sounds relevant more than 50 years after it was written, the singer-songwriter said in a statement.

“We’re supposed to learn from history and it doesn’t appear as if we’re learning much. Songs like ‘Military Madness’… is that not relevant today? The hope that we can change the world, isn’t that still relevant today? I’m very flattered that my music seems to have lasted this long, but I’m also a little upset that we have to keep singing a song like ‘Military Madness’ right up to the present. Enough already,” Nash said, in apparent reference to the month-old bloody war by Russia against Ukraine.

Nash has already started a year-long North American tour in support of the upcoming album with long-time collaborator Shane Fontayne and former CSN keyboard player and vocalist Todd Caldwell.

Graham Nash: Live track list:

1. “Military Madness”
2. “Better Days”
3. “Wounded Bird”
4. “I Used to Be a King”
5. “Be Yourself”
6. “Simple Man”
7. “Man in the Mirror”
8. “There’s Only One”
9. “Sleep Song”
10. “Chicago/We Can Change the World”
11. “Wild Tales”
12. “Hey You (Looking at the Moon)”
13. “Prison Song”
14. “You’ll Never Be The Same”
15. “And So it Goes”
16. “Grave Concern”
17. “Oh! Camil”
18. “I Miss You”
19. “On The Line”
20. “Another Sleep Song”

(Photo: Eric Draper)

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