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It feels like the list will be endless and you will be unable to sort out which ones to send and which ones to ignore; which ones you should send; which ones to ignore. You know Grace will make such a wonderful birthday present. T send anything bad to your sister. Ve made a good decision sending the list, though. Ve been sending them birthday cards. You sigh in relief again and decide to turn your phone back on and call your sister. You attempt to get on the phone, but your phone goes straight to a screen saying all systems are down. You hang up and start to wonder if you should go to the party. Re going to miss the party by one second, then you might as well not go. You start to get ready and take all your stuff to your room. Ll have to wait, but eventually your sister does get back on the phone with you. M really sorry, I really need to speak with you right now. Your sister is probably freaking out because she knows its bad. T really help her by trying to reach you either.

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