Got divorced almost every week Kate Humble was vile to husband Ludo amid work struggle

Kate Humble visits farmhouse in Gloucestershire countryside

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Kate Humble, 53, admits she was “vile” to her husband of 30 years, Ludo Graham, 60. She said the couple were on the brink of divorce many times, but that she has her way of “getting away” with things.

The A Country Life for Half the Price presenter said: “Basically, I got divorced almost every week as I tried to balance filming with writing the cookbook, which I had no idea how to do because I’d never done one before.

“I was vile to poor Ludo!”

In a new interview with Platinum magazine, Kate shared that her marriage nearly fell apart “almost” on a weekly basis.

Speaking on their relationship, Kate said that balancing her work and her personal life was a struggle.

Kate runs a rural skills business with her husband and admits setting it up was “really hard”.

She said: “It was really hard. We were doing our day jobs while getting it up and running, with no knowledge or experience.

“We constantly asked ourselves, ‘Are we making a terrible mistake?’”

Kate added: “But now we are living the dream.

“And I’m really pleased we did it, because you can coast through life and always take the easy option, or you can take risks and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with that.”

The 53-year-old released her debut cookbook, Home Cooked: Recipes from the Farm in February.

It includes a recipe for a ham sandwich made with beer bread and elderflower jellies.

Kate recently said the pandemic has strengthened her marriage.

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Speaking on a one-off Channel 5 documentary in January, Escape To The Winter Farm With Kate Humble, she said: “We have lived through major world events in our time together, including the fall of the Berlin Wall and Nelson Mandela being released from prison and now the pandemic.”

“And now we’re hanging on in there and we have stayed together for the dogs, obviously,” she joked.

“People ask what the key to a successful relationship is.

“I think it’s because we’ve always given each other space.

“But as I say, I don’t know why our relationship has worked despite not having kids.

She added: “It doesn’t mean that we don’t have days where you think, ‘Oh b****y hell, I’m going to go for a long walk on my own.’

“We all do that. I know I drive him completely mad a lot of the time. But, then I’ll cook something nice and get away with it.”

In a recent interview with Radio Times, Kate shared that the first meal her now-husband cooked for her was “seductive” but that it was a simple take on cheese on toast which made Kate realise Ludo was the man for her.

She explained: “The first time I ever went to [now husband] Ludo’s house, he cooked me a globe artichoke, and it was incredibly seductive.”

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