Going bald is not easy for any man – but it …

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The only thing you know for certain is that you cant go bald for ever again. S a very time consuming task, but you manage. Re happy to see that the extra hair is growing in smoothly, not a single hitch in the process. S finally time to get this wig off. T you go in that building a little ways down the street. You head to the bathroom and go through some old packing clothes, trying to think of something as simple as possible, and then manage to pull off a pretty tight set of briefs. You pull them off and toss them in the hamper. Then you grab the purse and grab the rest of your stuff and head back out to the car. You stand outside the car and look down at your little patch of chest hair. Ve managed to come this far with such a minor change to look like a Hollywood starlet. The whole point of all this was to be on time to meet up with the others. All you can do is hope that when you finally get to your destination, you still have the energy to do it successfully.

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