Gogglebox’s Julie Malone praised by fans amid fitness regime as she says its got to be done

Gogglebox star Julie Malone has been praised by fans amid her new fitness routine to "keep fit".

Despite the colder weather and the TV star admitting that she was feeling slightly under the weather with a possible upcoming cold, she headed out for a walk to try and hit her daily goal of 10,000 steps.

Julie documented her morning walk and told fans: "it's got to be done".

She was joined on the walk by her beloved pooch Rottweiler Dave, who is a regular couch participant on the Channel 4 reality TV series.

She said: "Right so, it's cold this morning and it's wet and I think I'm getting a cold but it's got to be done, so I'm out and I'm doing me 10,000 steps. Say hello Dave!

"I've got Dave with me who keeps sitting down and sniffing every tree he comes to and cocking his leg.

"So I've got a feeling this is gonna take longer than I thought."

Throughout recent weeks, Julie has updated her fans with her fitness journey, with some branding her a "legend" and praising for her "great" work.

Julie's 'secret' son Lee, who chooses life away from the limelight compared to his on-screen mum, even shared a motivational message.

He wrote: "Keep up the good work Mum, you're doing great!x".

One fan penned: "You're doing well Julie, lovely to see Dave out enjoying the walk with you".

Another commented: "You're a legend Jules! Keep up the good work!! Love from Sydney, Australia!" aside four red heart emojis.

And a third wrote: "Awww love you Julie. You're doing great. Enjoy your walk. I went out earlier and got half my steps in. Will do the rest after tea."

Following her fitness drive, Julie shared a sweet snap of her four-legged friend with her 198,000 followers.

She wrote: "Dave's had enough of this 10,000 steps malarkey ,!!! Do home it is ,will have to do the remsing later #itsadogslife".

Last month, Julie sadly revealed the passing of her beloved dog, Lucy.

Julie's son, Tom Malone Jr, admitted feeling heartbroken after sharing the devastating passing of the family dog.

Sharing the sad news in an Instagram post, the reality star admitted, "the house just doesn't seem the same".

Julie wrote: "Today we said goodbye to our beloved Lucy ,she fought right to the end to stay with us. Now reunited with her sister Izzey. There are no words to describe how much you meant to us. Rest In Peace Sweetheart ,you will always be in our hearts xx".

In another post, she added: "Heartfelt thanks for all your kind comments, they mean a lot. We were so privileged to have Lucy and her sister Izzy. The house just doesn't seem the same", aside two broken heart emojis.

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